UL Solutions获权采用Matter标准测试产品

(全球TMT2022年10月8日讯)UL Solutions宣布,其现已获得授权成为采用Matter标准测试智能家居产品的第三方测试机构。Matter是连接标准联盟(CSA)新发布的智能家居技术的行业统一标准。

Authorized by the CSA as a Matter third-party test house following the launch of Matter 1.0, UL Solutions will assess the performance and functionality of products against Matter specifications. This new authorization, in addition to existing testing capabilities for Bluetooth®, Zigbee and Thread technologies, allows UL Solutions to deliver a comprehensive testing solution for manufacturers that develop connected smart devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

UL Solutions继Matter 1.0推出后成为CSA授权的在亚洲、欧洲和北美所选地的Matter第三方测试机构,将依照Matter标准评估产品的性能和功能。UL Solutions提供专业知识帮助公司验证产品是否符合CSA的Matter认证要求。